Bias and Sandwiches

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Identifying Spaces in Mac OS X

I recently implemented a featured in Amethyst that allowed every space to have its own unique set of resources. In implementing this feature I ran into a problem: how do you determine which space you're currently on?

Amethyst 0.8.1

Released Amethyst version 0.8.1 yesterday. I figured out some significant improvements to its interactions with spaces. Moving windows between spaces would occasionally fail due to an unfortunate race condition. That's been fixed. On top of that, each space now has its own set of layouts so no need to switch layouts and reset layout parameters all the time when jumping between spaces.

Amethyst 0.8

Released Amethyst version 0.8 yesterday. It has some significant improvements to stability as well as adding a few new features. There's a new column layout that tiles windows into full height columns and the addition of floating windows. It can be downloaded here or installed via homebrew cask.

Accessibility, Windows, and Spaces in OS X

A couple weeks ago I decided to sit down and write a tiling window manager. As a first and second pass it pretty much works, though there's definitely room for improvement. I'm calling it Amethyst. (It's a kind of quartz, you see. Get it? Get it?)